The Seacoast Astrological Association meets the second Tuesday of each month except for January and February at the Roundabout Diner in Portsmouth, NH. Cost: $10. Doors Open at 6:30 PM EST. Conference Call In Option is available. See our Membership Link for more information.

Astrology and Psychic Fair 2014 - Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Join us for our first annual Astrology and Psychic Fair to support the Seacoast Astrological Association! Attendance is FREE with vendors on-site with wonderful wares for you to browse and buy.

Where: Roundabout Diner Conference Room, Portsmouth Traffic Circle in Portsmouth, NH next to the Best Western Hotel.
Time: Doors Open at 9 AM for registration. Readings: 10-4 PM
Date: Sunday, March 30, 2014
Cost: $30 for 20 minutes - See List of Readers Below


Pre-Register for our Astrology and Psychic Fair on March 30, 2014.

Step 1: Send us an email at seacoastastrological@gmail and tell us your preferred time and reader on March 30th. All readings are in 20 minute increments.
Step 2: At the time you email us, pay for your reading via Paypal via the link below.
Step 3: We will send you an email confirming the date and time of your reading
Step 4: Show up 5 minutes before your scheduled reading and check in with the registration desk.

Note: There will be no refunds. We will attempt to accommodate a change of time, but we can not promise you the alternative time will be available.

The 2014 Astrology and Psychic Fair a Big Success! Click Here to Read about it in Fosters Daily Democrat. See you next year!


Dorothy Morgan, Astrologer

Dorothy Morgan: Professional Astrologer with over 25 years experience consulting as well as teaching Astrology for the past several years. Dorothy is also a highly skilled intuitive, Reiki Master/Teacher and Angel Healing Practitioner. She has published a variety of articles for several New Age retail shops, Yoga centers and a multitude of nationally published newsletters. She has also been on numerous television and radio shows including New Hampshire Public Radio.

In addition, Dorothy has established a large following over the past three years through her bi-weekly You Tube Astrology forecast videos as well as weekly forecasts for her subscribers which can be found here. Dorothy also offers free New Moon and Full Moon forecasts and monthly Astrological reports.

Kathryn Samuelson, Intuitive (Angel Cards-Channeled Messages from Your Angels and Guides)

Kathryn Samuelson, as an intuitive, channels your angels and guides who are delighted to connect with you, and who are uniquely suited to answer your questions and address your concerns. She can receive information as to who your angels and guides are, as well as receiving information for you about family, health, job and career, and life path among other issues and concerns. She provides this guidance through the use of spiritual writing, a practice that she has engaged in since 1993.

Kathryn brings empathy and insight to her practice, using the particular techniques that most benefit her clients. She also brings the analytic skills to both practices that she honed while a practicing attorney. The combination of her skills and training allow Kathryn to ask the questions that need to be asked and to provide support and guidance to her clients.

Laura Wooster, Intuitive (Tarot, Angel, Oracle Cards)

With a calm and supportive presence, Laura connects with your guides to help you become the person you are meant to be while honoring where you are today. She relies on her guides, various card decks (oracle, angel, tarot) and more as tools during her sessions. At times, a session with Laura may include mediumship (messages from loved ones who have crossed over).

Angela D'Anjou, Intuitive (Tarot and Angel Card Readings)

Angie has been a Spiritual Consultant for over 40 years. Her experience and connection with spiritual guides and angels helps Angie to offer true positive guidance to individuals utilizing her intuitive abilities. Angie utilizes a variety of methods and tools when obtaining messages for a client. She works with The Enchanted Tarot, Angel Guidance, Tea Leaf Readings, as well as connection with deceased loved ones utilizing her Psychic Medium abilities. She is known for her accuracy in obtaining solid guidance for those who may be having unresolved issues and are not sure of which way to turn next. Angie is a Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher as well as a Shamballa Master, Numerologist, Intuitive Development Facilitator/Teacher, Lecturer, and a Meditation Coach.

Fran Nash, Intuitive Aura Reader

Frances Nash has been channeling spirit her whole life. She first recognized her ability as a young child and used the avenue for many years with friends and family. At 18 she sought guidance from skilled teachers to help hone and develop the natural ability she already possessed. She found teachers who guided her in multiple spiritual modalities. The skill development has been ongoing and includes study with inspiring teachers and the “I AM” (Ascended Masters Study. She has been doing Intuitive Readings for over 14 years.

Amy Shapiro, Astrologer

For 40+ years, Astrologer Amy Shapiro has nurtured soul growth with skills and services drawn on her training with Astrologer Isabel Hickey, William Swygaard, Jo Onvlee, John Chung Li and Dr. Oskar Adler. Amy was the first Clerk for NCGR and an early President of NCGR- Boston. She co-discovered a technique with Astrologer Ron Davison called The Relationship Chart or as she calls it The Conception Chart of the Relationship due to its esoteric implications.

Her TV and radio show, "Good Heavens!" won her wide acclaim with the public and her Good Heaven’s column appeared monthly in Dell Horoscope Magazine. She continues to be a contributor to Horoscope Magazine. She founded the Cape Ann School of Astrology and has been a consultant, editor and writer for Para Research, Astral Research, Cosmic Communications and Dell Horoscope. After earning her MA in Education and Psychology, she earned an M.Ed. in Counseling, and trained in stress management, T’ai Chi, meditation, visualization; reincarnation, hypnotherapy and nutrition. She has been as a Head Start Advisor, taught at Wheelock and Endicott Colleges, and trained at Harvard’s Mind-Body Institute and New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

She has dedicated 20+ years to The Testament of Astrology, a 7-volume course by Austrian Astrologer Dr. Oskar Adler, and has now published a comprehensive Curriculum Guide for the entire 7 volume series. She has also written and published Dr. Adler's biography called Dr. Oskar Adler: A Complete Man. Her other books include One Sex to the Other – Reincarnation and the Dual-Gender Soul, The Dis-Appointment Book –A Human Therapy Guide to Conquering Disappointments She coauthored the book Questioning the Oracle—The IChing, The Gift of the Tortoise-New Insights into the I-Ching, Never Mind, and Forces at Work: Astrology and Career, Before This Song Ends - A Timeless Romance.

Dean Fowler, Tarot

Dean Fowler has been providing Tarot Readings for 30 years. He uses the Tarot as a way to bridge the energy between himself and his clients to get an accurate reading for them.

He enjoys providing readings and being able to help and give an understanding to people that need or want to know what is coming up for them. Sometimes their loved ones come through to give messages of love and guidance also.

Dean is a Melchezidek Healer Level 4, attuned to Shamballa Reiki Level 4, Usui Level 1, and Lightarian Reiki Level 1. He is an Earth Healer who works with many different types of crystals in his healing work.

Shannon Shed, Intuitive (Tarot, Palmistry, Aura, Mediumship)

A natural born psychic, Shannon started reading professionally at the tender age of 15. Though she uses many methods of divination, her favorites are the Hanson Roberts Tarot, Aura Sketches and Palmistry. Of course she will be more than happy to read any inanimate objects or pictures you may bring, or offer a spot of numerology or handwriting analysis. Her focus is always on the positive side of spirit, her goal is for you to take away the wonderful life lessons the universe sent you to receive in a kind and loving way… if a little laughter should happen along the way, all the better.

While Shannon was raised in houseful of women gifted with "second sight" her family was always very humble, each member claiming the next generation was far more gifted than the last, meanwhile each new generation looked for guidance, support and learning through the older, wiser women. The men make no claim to supernatural gifts of any kind, often call it hogwash, but have given up all hopes of hiding things by the times the wedding bells have stopped tolling.

After a lifetime of reading naturally, as well as delving into many new areas of study, Shannon continues to learn and grow, not just through books, classes and mentorships, but through each and every person she reads. Every reading she provides nourishes her soul as much as it will nourish yours. 

Darlene Chadbourne, Intuitive Numerologist

Darlene Chadbourne is an intuitive Full Potential Consultant and Master Numerologist, guiding men and women from 20 to 80, who are searching for their passion, purpose, and self-confidence to fuel the rest of their life, for a journey well worth the ride.

Wendy Fletcher, Intuitive Healer
Wendy is an Intuitive Spiritual Healer who is able to connect to that part of yourself that knows what's next on your life's journey. Connecting with your Higher Self, she scans your energy field, picking up compassionate messages, removing blocks and bringing a sense of peace. Wendy combines her gifts as a healer, clairvoyant & clairaudient with her training as a Usui Reiki Master.

Norman Shaw, Intuitive (Palmistry)

Norman Shaw has been reading palms for almost 30 years. Beginning with a young mans effort to approach a pretty lady, it transformed into a gift that reveals personality traits, characteristics and insights into an individual's life. " Palmistry is amazing, because within 5 minutes I will know them better than most of their friends." A reading with Norm promises to be enlightening, insightful and most of all, enjoyable.

Maria Kay Simms, Astrologer

Maria Kay Simms, professional astrologer for over 30 years, is the founder and head of Starcrafts LLC, a New Hampshire publishing business. Maria and her husband, James L. Jossick, acquired the assets of the former Astro Communications Services in mid 2008, and have reactivated the chart service under its original name of Astro Computing Services. Starcrafts LLC was formed in late 2004 as a business entity under which Maria published her book, Moon Tides, Soul Passages.. Later, she obtained permission from the former Astro Communications Services, Inc., to publish a new full century ephemeris based on the programming and format of Neil F. Michelsen, but with updated data and added features. She contracted with Rique Pottenger, former head programmer for ACS, for the updating. The result was The New American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, 2000-2100 at Midnight, Michelsen Memorial Edition, published in 2006.

Maureen Maxton, Astrologer

Maureen is a member of NGCR Boston and Seacoast Astrological Association Portsmouth. Maureen is a Reiki Certified nurse, artist, and has been a lifelong student of astrology. Creative readings are provided with intuition and astrological insight.


Astro Computing Services (ACS)

Since 1973, Astro Computing Services has served astrologers worldwide at all levels: beginner, intermediate, professional! Astro Computing Services was founded by Neil F. Michelsen in 1973. From our new location in New Hampshire, we offer you all the amazing variety of chart services for astrologers that were part of Astro in in the past, and new products, too! Major credit cards, PayPal, checks or money orders are accepted.

Lisa's Wire Creations

Each wire creation is hand wrapped with a personal touch. A unique gift that will bring out the personal and sincere thoughtfulness that you hold for that special person! Each piece is exquisitely created with a spiritual healing energy of its own. Which stone is calling you? Select from a large variety of pendents, earrings, bracelets, rings, pendulums, and so much more! Do you have a special piece of your own that you wish to adore with creative wire and embellishment? Just bring it to me for that special touch of elegance. 

Elen's Candles - Northwood Naturals

Elen's Candles - Northwood Naturals.

Makers of fine Natural Soy Candles, and all Natural Skin Care products such as Hand & Body Lotions, Goat Milk Soaps, Face Creams And more.

Patty Pingree's Aura and Chakra Photography

An Aura is an individual energy field that is all around us and can have many different colors.
Our Aura's can change colors when different opportunities or situations occur in our lives. The aura can also reflect the new energy that is coming into our lives.

The Aura Video Station is an educational tool that reveals "measured biofeedback" data via graphs, meters and aura chakra images. The Aura Video System measures biofeedback data like electro-dermal activity and temperature from a client's hand. All of the data measured and picked up by the biosensor is used in the correlation process to determine and display an accurate representation of the aura colors, the color and size of the 7 chakras and other vital and insightful information. This data is correlated and processed via the biofeedback hardware and software, and displayed as a representation of the client's emotional-energetic state. Additional information provided is the balance of the body, mind and spirit.

When you schedule an appointment for an Aura Chakra Photo you will receive a personal aura chakra photo, an informational booklet on Aura's and Chakra's, their colors and an explanation of the meaning of the colors. You will also find out your personality color and receive a 20 minute reading on your personal aura colors and chakras.

New Age Sages

New Age Sages books offer spiritual growth tips and tools, including ...

Isabel Hickey's Autobiography, Never Mind, Jo Onvlee's beginner's and advanced I Ching books, Dr. Oskar Adler's The Testament of Astrology, and books by Amy Shapiro, including: One Sex To The Other: Reincarnation and the Dual-Gender Soul, The Dis-Appointment Book: A Humor Therapy Guide To Conquering Disappointments
Forces At Work: Astrology And Career, and... Before This Song Ends: A Timeless Romance

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